Tiger Innovations was awarded a contract from the Naval Research Lab in response to the Broad Agency Announcement to support Operationally Responsive Space technologies. Under this contract, Tiger Innovations will initially design and develop the StreamLINK Ground Control System (SGCS) in support of the STPSat-1 mission extension effort. In addition to the initial STPSat mission, Tiger Innovations will investigate fielding a mobile ground station, including the technologies and operational requirements necessary to function in a responsive space environment.

The StreamLINK system that will be deployed to support the life extension mission includes a flight operations version of our Integrated Test Rack (ITR) including a Tiger Innovations Frame Sync Box, Command Formatter, and automated operations package that allows 24/7 “lights out” operations. The SGCS utilizes the same StreamLINK backend that was used during integration and test of the vehicle, which will allow us to field a working ground system a matter of weeks. The SGCS will be integrated with the Blossom Point Tracking Facility, which provides the RF interface, automated antenna operations, and anomaly support during the operational phase of the mission. In addition to providing the StreamLINK system, Tiger Innovations will develop scripts to autonomously take passes, record data, upload commands, and notify engineers in the event of an anomaly. Following the initial handoff period, STPSat-1 is expected to operate with minimal operator input for the duration of the mission.

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