Tiger Innovations Incorporated (Tiger) has provided a Space Object Automated Reporting System (SOARS) Beacon for the first launch of the DARPA Launch Challenge. The DARPA Launch Challenge seeks to do what no one has done before: space launch on exceedingly short notice, with no prior knowledge or coordination of payload, planned orbit or launch site and do it not just once, but twice, in a matter of just days. Tiger’s SOARS program combines space-object beacons; automated, low-cost, ground collection sites; and a central control center which together provide near-real time 24/7 location data to support space situational awareness, space domain awareness and orbital safety activities. The SOARS beacon being launched will enable system performance testing under actual orbital conditions, enabling Tiger to refine and mature the beacon technology while supporting ground station operations and data integration utilizing actual orbital data. Like every Payload manifested for the DARPA Launch Challenge, SOARS has favorably completed all interagency and flight safety reviews.