Tiger Innovation’s development of ground support equipment ranges from the simple single-box testing unit, to an entire open-architected TCP/IP-based system to support multiple communication protocols with command/data generation tools and telemetry/debug display applications. We have experience architecting and implementing a network control center for a high-availability distributed data-collection/databasing system, including a graphical user interface for system administration.

We have designed, integrated, and maintained EGSE racks for several microsat and cubesat programs. These systems have been used throughout the design cycle from component level tests, through integrated space vehicle testing, and launch operations at eastern and western ranges. With the vehicles operating on orbit, these EGSE racks are used to control and monitor flatsats in support of normal operations.

Tiger Innovations has significant experience with software simulations for complicated systems. These simulations have involved individual component simulation for design improvement and verification as well as system-level simulation for performance evaluation, load estimation, and costing. The simulators we have designed and implemented range from solely software-based (such as communication constellation load estimation and spacecraft power systems) to combination hardware/software systems (for attitude-control environment simulation). In many cases the simulations were used as valuable design tools to find system flaws and boost overall performance.