Tiger Innovations has been developing a cubesat bus with the goal of supplying the growing number of customers in the space industry with an alternative to existing CubeSat products. Our CubeSat design is largely derived from our Integrated Electronics Module design which has flight heritage from the STPSat-1 mission. Our core avionics consists of an EPS (complete with shunt, battery charger, quad-channel peak power tracker, and programmable event processor), a C&DH (including RF processor with UHF uplink, S-band downlink, encryption, C&DH processor, and mission processor), and smart IO cards for interfacing with bus components and payloads: all in less than 1U of volume. Our bus is manifested for launch in late 2019 and this extensible, high-payload mass/volume fraction vehicle is intended to be a reliable platform capable of supporting a wide range of applications.

We offer both complete CubeSat bus solutions and individual components, at off-the-shelf prices. With our extensive I&T experience, we can help customers integrate our products with payload and other components to create a flight-ready CubeSat.