Tiger Innovations was recently awarded a multi-million dollar contract from Comtech AeroAstro to deliver Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) and Ground Control Software in support of the Joint Milli-ArcSecond Pathfinder Survey (JMAPS) spacecraft program. Tiger Innovations will deliver a total of four Test Racks, two Space Vehicle Test Sets, one RF Test Console, and one Battery Charge Console. All equipment racks are based on our heritage Integrated Test Rack design and use our StreamLINK ground control software for commands and telemetry. These racks use several Tiger Innovations products, including our Spacecraft Control Box, Multi-channel Solar Array Simulator, Frame Syncronizer, and Battery Simulator.

This JMAPS contract marks the third AeroAstro program for which Tiger Innovations has provided EGSE. Our ground systems were successfully used for Integration and Test on the CAA STPSat-1, and STP-SIV programs as well as supporting on-orbit operations for the SPTSat-1 spacecraft. The JMAPS program provides an opportunity for us to continue our successful relationship with CAA and continue to deliver quality ground systems solutions.

JMAPS Program Information

The Joint Milli-Arcsecond Pathfinder Survey (JMAPS) mission is a Department of the Navy space-based, all-sky astrometric bright star survey scheduled for a 2013 launch. JMAPS will produce an all-sky astrometric, photometric, and spectroscopic catalog covering the magnitude range of 1-12, with extended results through 15th magnitude. The secondary mission is to perform off-points to support unique astrometry missions like quasar mapping and surveys of the GEO belt.