Mr. Schipani joined Tiger in 2016 as a Senior Mechanical Engineer. He brings over 30 years of experience designing mechanical systems to support aircraft (A6F) and spacecraft including small satellite (BATSAT, MUBLCOM), science (SORCE,GOES), commercial (A2100, Geostar II , Orbview 4, HS376), interplanetary (DAWN), government (GPSIIR, ESPAStar), space station resupply (CYGNUS) and classified missions. Prior to joining Tiger he worked for several of the major aerospace providers including Boeing (Hughes) Space Systems, Lockheed Martin (GE Astrospace) and Northrop Grumman (Orbital Sciences and Grumman Aerospace) as well as providing services as an independent contractor. Mr. Schipani holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Cooper Union and a Master’s in Systems Engineering from Polytechnic University. He is a Professional Engineer licensed currently in VA and formerly in NY.