The Tiger Innovations SAS (TI-TSAS-4UN) provides up to 16 individual solar array simulators. Each simulator is individually controllable for max-power current/voltage, short circuit current, and open circuit voltage. Each individual output open circuit voltage is adjustable from 0V – 45V. Each individual output short-circuit current is adjustable from 0 – 3A. The SAS provides two monitor/control points: one control point for over-voltage prevention, and one control point for over-current prevention. Each SAS circuit has a PRTD simulator covering the range of -120C to +120C.

The TSAS-4UN fully integrates with StreamLINK and can be controlled via the front panel LCD display or Ethernet. Front panel control is menu driven and 64 LEDs display circuit status. The SAS is contained in a 4U 19 inch rack mount case. The baseline SAS is expandable up to 24 channels with 0-8 Amps per channel.