Tiger Innovations has significant experience with ground-system software of various types, including developing our own vehicle control system called StreamLINK. StreamLINK uses database-driven commanding, and performs telemetry de-commutation and display. Other features include real-time plotting of telemetry items, a scripting tool for development of automated command sequences and tests, and a playback function used to view stored telemetry files. StreamLINK can be used in an Integration and Test environment to interface with a spacecraft or flat-sat. It’s toolset is extremely useful for executing and monitoring test activities. When combined with Tiger Innovations’ Integrated Test Rack, we can provide a complete turn-key solution for spacecraft I&T. StreamLINK can also be used to control on-orbit satellites through a satellite tracking facility. Using StreamLINK to control a spacecraft through I&T and on-orbit provides significant risk reduction and increased mission reliability. Tiger Innovations’ StreamLINK system has been successfully used for I&T for many microsat programs, as well as for our in-house spacecraft. Tiger currently utilizes StreamLINK in our fixed and mobile satellite operations facilities.

StreamLINK Features:

  • Database driven commanding and telemetry
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Automated scripts
  • Multi-user capability
  • Multi-mission capability
  • GUI Interface
  • User configurable pages, graphs, and reports
  • Automated limit checking and reporting
  • Telemetry linked graphics