The Tiger Innovations Frame Synchronization Box (TI-FS-201U) provides single or dual, fully independent frame syncs for use in telemetry processing. The FS-201U receives a serial bit stream, syncs on the frame, and executes CRC checking. The frame sync box time tags each frame reception with an accuracy of 1 microsecond and can handle data rates up to 10 Mbps. Data can be output over TCP/IP, synchronous, asynchronous, or customized RS-422 serial protocol. The frame sync is fully compatible with COMSEC interfaces such as the KI-17.

The Frame Sync can be commanded from the front panel LCD display as well as over an Ethernet link. Tiger Innovations’ StreamLINK ground system is typically used for software control and telemetry monitoring. The FS-201U is contained in a 1U, 19 inch rack mount case.