Tiger Innovations has a “get it done” attitude and has the capabilities to conquer enormous problems in very short time periods. We specialize in making up for lost schedule: using one staff member, we delivered over 60,000 lines of code, for a quick turnaround project, in less than one year! We are very experienced at coming into existing projects and making substantive contributions within days. Wherever possible, we write generic code modules, allowing for extremely flexible and capable systems, which is especially helpful towards project completion when new, “required” features suddenly appear.

Tiger Innovations has had the rare opportunity to design several system and subsystems from scratch, as well as integrate with existing ones. Designing systems from scratch has allowed us to learn to see the “big picture” and to understand how design decisions affect the final implementation. Alternatively, working on projects where the objective is to fit within an existing, unchangeable system has afforded us experience at making the most of the system architecture and using it to our advantage. Drawing on our experience of approaching problems from both sides enables us to arrive at unique, system-effective solutions and to be more versatile problem-solvers.