• CubeSat

    Tiger Innovations has been developing a cubesat prototype based on our Integrated Electronics Module. We aim to provide both a complete CubeSat bus package and individual components for use with other CubeSat architectures. We can draw on our spacecraft I&T experience to provide complete integration and testing support for our products with a focus on helping customers create high-performing, reliable CubeSats.

  • Integrated Electronics Module

    The IEM is a complete spacecraft avionics suite that provides C&DH and EPS functionality. The IEM is highly configurable in order to meet the widest range of system requirements possible. The IEM consists of multiple circuit cards (VME or compact PCI) that house the central processor, analog and digital telemetry processing, payload interface, power management, power switching, solar array control, and voltage regulation functions. The payload interface can be synchronous, asynchronous, or custom at speeds up to 10 Mbps. The IEM has flown successfully on STPSat-1.

    IEM Product Sheet (pdf)
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  • StreamLINK

    StreamLINK is a highly capable spacecraft ground control software package for use during I&T and on-orbit operations. The StreamLINK system is highly modular, and is designed to be easily adaptable and extensible. StreamLINK uses database-driven commanding, telemetry de-commutation and display, and test automation via the Tcl scripting language. Tiger Innovations' StreamLINK system was successfully used for I&T on the STPSat-1 program and was recently selected for use on the STP-SIV program.

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  • SC Control Box

    The Tiger Innovations SC Control Box (TI-CB-4UN) is configurable for each mission. The default configuration provides 16 power switches, 16 break-wire switches, 10 simulated loads, and digital command and telemetry control including a SGLS simulator. All switches and loads can be monitored and controlled through the front panel of the control box as well as with the StreamLINK software package.

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  • Frame Synchronization Box

    The Tiger Innovations Frame Synchronization Box (TI-FS-201U) provides single or dual, fully independent frame syncs for use in telemetry processing. The FS-201U receives a serial bit stream, syncs on the frame, and executes CRC checking. The frame sync box time tags each frame reception with an accuracy of 1 microsecond. Data can be output over TCP/IP, synchronous, asynchronous, or customized RS-422 serial protocol. The frame sync is fully compatible with COMSEC interfaces such as the KI-17. The FS-201U is contained in a 1U, 19 inch rack mount case.

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  • Solar Array Simulator

    The Tiger Innovations SAS (TI-TSAS-4UN) provides up to 16 individual solar array simulators. Each simulator is individually controllable for max-power current/voltage, short circuit current, and open circuit voltage. Additionally, each simulator has a PRTD simulator covering the range of -120C to +120C. The TSAS-4UN fully integrates with StreamLINK and can be controlled via the front panel or Ethernet.

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  • Integrated Test Rack

    The ITR is a complete EGSE test suite for command and control of spacecraft and other complicated systems. The ITR is a turn-key integration and test solution with capabilities proven through rigorous spacecraft I&T campaigns. Tiger Innovations EGSE racks have been used on the HENEX program, STPSat-1 mission, and are currently being built to support the STP-SIV mission with delivery in Fall 2007. The ITR is a standard 32U, 19 inch, shock mounted rack.

    Each ITR can be customized to meet the requirements of your project. The ITR shown to the right is configured with the following slices (top down):

    • Emergency Off Button
    • Scrolling Display
    • SC Control Box (TI-CB-4UN)
    • Solar Array Simulator (TI-TSAS-4UN)
    • Frame Sync Box (TI-FS-201U)
    • GPS Time Server
    • 19" LCD Monitor
    • 2U storage drawer
    • Backend PC
    • Frontend PC
    • Keyboard
    • RAID-5 NAS
    • 20 Amp Power Supply x2
    • UPS and Backup Battery

    ITR Product Sheet (pdf)
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