Tiger Innovations has been developing a cubesat prototype with the goal of supplying the growing number of customers in the space industry with an alternative to existing CubeSat products. Our CubeSat design is largely derived from our Integrated Electronics Module design which has flight heritage from the STPSat-1 mission. We aim to use our spacecraft avionics expertise to develop a reliable CubeSat that is capable of supporting a wide range of applications.

Our current CubeSat prototype includes a processor card, electrical power system and battery cards, a multi-function interface card, and an RFX-400 board modified to fit the CubeSat form factor.

Tiger Innovations is currently supplying our CubeSat EPS board to Montana State University in support of the upcoming Firebird Cubesat mission. This board has been modified from our custom low profile configuration to be compatible with the PC104 Cubesat form factor.

CubeSat EPS Product Sheet

We offer both complete CubeSat bus solutions and individual components, at off-the-shelf prices. With our extensive I&T experience, we can help customers integrate our products with payload and other components to create a flight-ready CubeSat.

CubeSat Products