SC Control Box

Tiger Innovations Spacecraft Control Box (TI-CB-4UN) provides control and monitoring capabilities for an attached spacecraft or instrument. Each control box is configured to meet the requirements of a specific mission. The standard configuration provides 16 power relays (2.5 A), 16 break-wire switches (500 mA), 10 simulated loads, and digital command and telemetry control including a SGLS simulator. The standard configuration including switch numbers and current ratings is fully customizable.

Manual control is accomplished through the menu driven front panel LCD display. The front panel contains 64 LED status lights, customized for each mission. In addition to the front panel interface, the control box can be commanded using Tiger Innovations' StreamLINK ground control software. StreamLINK provides the capability to command all switches as well as monitor voltages, currents, and status within the control box.

The SC Control Box typically interfaces with other Tiger Innovations products as part of the Integrated Test Rack. Device interfaces include the Solar Array Simulator, Power Supplies, GPS Time Server, Frame Sync, and PCs. The standard control box is contained in a 4U 19" rack case.

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