Mr. Feconda joined Tiger in 2017 as Senior Program Manager. As such, he provides program management support to Tiger’s National Security Space programs to include a new cubesat bus and various space payloads. Previously, he spent 27 years at Orbital Sciences Corporation where he led or participated in the development of numerous space and launch programs including the Transfer Orbit Stage, Pegasus Air Launched Booster, Taurus Small Launch Vehicle and X-34 Reusable Launch Vehicle Demonstrator. He led the development effort for the EAGLE platform program for AFRL which has now become the industry standard for small national security payload missions with the ability to co-manifest with prime mission payloads and provide full housekeeping services for all manner of experimental and operational DoD missions. Early in his career Mr. Feconda developed liquid, solid and electric propulsion systems for use on geosynchronous communications spacecraft at RCA Astro Space Division. He has a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Illinois, a Certificate of Professional Development from the Wharton School of Business, and he is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).